Patient and Clinical Care for Hospitals and Health Systems

Your hospital or health system's commitment to providing the best care hasn't changed. But the environment in which you operate has changed dramatically as value-based reimbursement systems and federal initiatives make doing so a business imperative. web2pro's patient financial and clinical care solutions for hospitals and health systems will help you improve the quality and safety of patient care and optimize the patient experience.
Our suite of data-driven clinical applications can be integrated into any EHR to provide your hospital or health system with real-time pharmacy benefit information for every aspect of inpatient and outpatient care. Evidence-based clinical decision support tools assist with clinical assessment and diagnosis, sharing of lab and imaging results, appropriateness of medical and surgical interventions, clinical workflows, care transitions and coordination of post-acute care. web2pro's interoperable solutions also deliver actionable clinical data to you and your affiliated clinicians at every point in the care continuum. We help you achieve your clinical initiatives to manage patient populations, reduce health care readmission rates and build infection prevention policies and procedures throughout all your care facilities.
Our patient access solutions and call centers not only help providers improve the registration and scheduling process, but also help providers accelerate reimbursement. To thrive in an era of health reform, today's health systems must efficiently capture accurate patient data pre-service and at registration and scheduling, verify insurance eligibility, estimate patients’ financial responsibility, and accept point-of-service collections.
Let us work with you to improve the clinical and financial performance of your hospital or health system with patient and clinical care services and solutions designed to improve the quality and safety of patient care, minimize your costs and regulatory risk and improve the overall patient experience.
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