Pulse Revenue Cycle Benchmarking™

An analytics-driven competitive analysis solution for providers who want to have increased visibility into their claims cycle performance, benchmark performance with peers, and quickly address obstacles.

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Improve Your Revenue Cycle Analysis


Gain near real-time visibility into your performance, with regularly updated competitive analysis data.


Review the effectiveness of your processes and gain quick insight into the dollar impact of improvement opportunities for your organization.


Monitor downward trends in performance to proactively address issues before they cause major impacts in your revenue cycle.


Drill down to detailed competitive analysis to identify root causes of issues.


Monitor comparative payer data, supporting you in future contract negotiations


Benchmark your performance against thousands of peer facilitates

Enable Proactive Performance Analysis


Actionable performance transparency

  • Review your claim cycle performance in 24 key performance areas using consistently calculated, near real-time data to compare yourself to peers, the industry average, or industry best.
  • Perform quick and easy drill down to detailed analysis to identify root causes of issues when performance starts to decline.
  • Address revenue cycle performance changes immediately with data updated daily.

Reliable competitive analysis data

  • Gain trust in your data for analysis with automated data collection and consistent calculations to ensure accurate peer and payer comparisons.
  • See revenue potential and cost savings tied to KPI calculations without reliance on self-reported KPI data that could result in inaccuracies or variances.
  • Understand projected performance and react to downward trends proactively.

Inherent usability

  • Recognize performance quickly with easily identifiable visual indicators.
  • Conduct “what-if” scenarios to determine dollar value of improvements to help prioritize efforts.
  • Allow analysis to be done on your behalf without having to submit data for comparison or KPI calculation using formulas. Helpful recommendations for next steps are provided.

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