Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management for Independent Physicians

As an independent physician, you know that your cash flow is the life blood of your medical practice. New value-based reimbursement models, more stringent clinical documentation requirements and changing coding rules challenge your ability to sustain a sufficient cash flow. web2pro's custom suite of reimbursement and revenue-cycle management solutions for independent physician practices gives you the tools you need to maintain your strong financial position despite the ongoing and fresh challenges.
Our solutions simplify, automate and transform your practice's reimbursement and revenue-cycle functions. We assist you with transparent professional fee schedules, insurance determinations, upfront collection of co-pays, claims submission and management, billing and collections and online patient payments of deductibles. Our analytics capabilities track claim status and your accounts receivable, eliminating uncertainty over your practice's financial status.
Whether you're a solo practitioner in a single-specialty practice like primary care or a specialist in a single- or multispecialty group like orthopedics, as the industry leader in reimbursement and revenue-cycle services for doctors, web2pro delivers the knowledge, resources and proven results that your practice needs to maintain its cash flow and continue providing excellent care to patients.