Biosimilars are a rapidly growing treatment option for physicians treating advanced diseases, with more than 20 unique biosimilars expected to enter the U.S. healthcare market over the next decade. Read more about these safe and effective treatment options.


    Dr. Robert Rifkin, Oncologist and Web2pro’s Biosimilar Medical Director, recently participated in a peer review of more than 14,000 individuals who were transitioned from a reference biologic medication to a biosimilar in order to identify the impact switching has on patient safety and treatment efficacy.


Read below for biosimilar resources at every stage: biosimilar beginners, consideraions when using biosimilars, and best practices post-adoption.

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New to biosimilars?

  • Biosimilars are biological products that are highly similar to and have no clinically meaningful differences from existing, FDA-approved reference biologics.
  • While biosimilars are similar to their reference biological product, they are not generic equivalents.
  • Biosimilars go through a rigorous FDA review process including analytical, animal and clinical studies.

Biosimilars go through an extensive FDA approval process and offer safe, effective therapeutic options for serious diseases

As more biosimilars become available in the U.S., providers, payers and patients all stand to benefit from further incorporating these safe and effective therapies throughout our healthcare ecosystem.

Rising healthcare costs, increasing drug production demands and reimbursement pressures are all putting a serious strain on our nation’s healthcare delivery system. By adopting biosimilars routinely into patient treatment decisions, we can improve overall access to critical, life-saving drugs all while reducing the costs of these expensive therapies through increased competition.

Read more about the Web2pro services available to support biosimilar and other practice needs by visiting our Solutions for Oncology page.

Considering adopting biosimilars in your treatment regimens?

Biosimilars Currently Available through Web2pro Include:

Biosimilar Drug

Biologic Reference Drug

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  • Four Reasons to Consider Adopting Biosimilars for Your Treatment Regimens


    Expand Treatment Options for Complex Diseases


    Substantial Cost Savings on Expensive Therapies


    FDA-Approved, Safe and Effective Treatments


    Support from FDA and Other Leading Medical Advisory Organizations


    Visit the FDA biosimilar website for provider and patient-facing biosimilar resources. Topics include biosimilar 101 education, regulatory review and approval, interchangeability guidance and more.


    Biosimilar Endorsements From Major Medical Advisory Organizations

    Read about the benefits of biosimilar growth from major Oncology and Rheumatology advisory bodies.

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    Stay up to date on new Medicare HCPCS codes and reimbursement guidance on biosimilars.